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Welcome to FYI Home Inspections – the top home inspectors in Texas. Buying a property is a huge decision, and to make the right choice you need reliable information. That’s where we come in. We are passionate about helping our customers get accurate information they can rely on. To achieve this, we provide a truly comprehensive inspection service, completed by real professionals who know property inspection better than anyone else. We also provide a wide range of additional inspection services so that you get everything you need with one phone call.

Our lead inspector has developed strong values of integrity and focus, having served in the United States Marine Corps, and as a veteran in the Gulf War. He has since graduated from the Champion School of Real Estate, Texas’ premier real estate school – and we are proud to have learned from them, and continue to do so.

We also have full certification through InterNACHI, the Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association, and the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association. This wealth of experience and certification gives you the complete assurance that we are more than qualified for the job.

Each of our inspections includes a modern inspection report to explain everything we have found and help you take action. However, we are always available before, during, and after your inspection to answer any questions you may have. We leave nothing to chance. From roof to foundation, we will complete a truly thorough home inspection in order to give you the information you need to make the best decisions.

We are fully certified as professional inspectors by InterNACHI, the world’s leading home inspection association. This means we have the best training, and follow strict standards of ethics and practice to ensure consistently excellent inspections.


Residential Inspections

We provide thorough inspections for home buyers and sellers. If you are considering a new home, then make sure you know what you are getting. We can also help you sell your house faster and with more value by making you aware of any issues ahead of time so that repairs can be made.

Commercial Inspections

We are certified members of the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association, with years of experience and top-notch training. We provide inspections for varying needs and business types, whether large or small, we ensure safety for your staff and value for your business.

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Drone Roof Inspections

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Infared Inspections

Phase Inspections

Swimming Pool and Spa Inspections

Landscape Irrigation Inspections


After our evaluation, we compile all of our findings into a clear and comprehensive report that reflects our thorough inspection.

Your report will be delivered electronically and includes detailed photos of any defects, hazards, and suggestions that we find with detailed explanations to help you fully understand your property.

This report can be a useful guide to your home, as well as a powerful negotiating tool.